People Are Confused Over This Innocent Dog Photo Because It Looks Very Wrong

Whether the dog is playing, sitting with its owner, or just happily wandering about, most people get a nice feeling when they look at a picture of that fluffy good boy or girl. However, there is one canine picture online that most definitely does not make you feel good, just the opposite.

That’s because most people’s minds are unable to comprehend or recognize what they are actually looking at in this image. After looking at the picture, which is actually quite innocuous, you’ll see why it was originally submitted to Reddit under the topic “Confusing Perspective.”

Everyone had no idea what the heck was going on there, as seen by the comments. Someone wrote, “I legit thought that was a headless dog that was somehow alive,” while another questioned, “Soooo, where’s the head?” Others expressed their utter frustration by saying, “For the love of God I can’t get this!?”

A few people made slight edits to the images to make them look a little more appealing:

It turns out that the image is simply a three-legged dog licking its own back. A good example was supplied by a commenter to clarify the situation from two perspectives:

The best part is that the dog’s owner provided a photo of how his dog regularly appears, giving you the warm, fuzzy sensation that things have improved significantly.

He’s a sweet little guy, and we can only guess that it’s only a matter of time before he becomes a pet-influencer on social media.