Dramatic moment paraplegic man rescues crying dog from drowning in swimming pool

Darren Thomas was shaving calmly inside his home in Cape Town, South Africa, when he heard Cassius, his 50kg Rottweiler, crying loudly: he had fallen in the swimming pool and couldn’t get out or swim.

“I have had two Rotties and one thing they are renowned for doing is swimming… well not mine,” Darren wrote on his Instagram. “He cannot or will not swim and won’t no matter what we do.”

Many dog owners’ first reaction would be to jump into the pool to save their dog. Darren, on the other hand, was unable to do so. This 40-year-old man was paralyzed by a gunshot 14 years ago, making a rescue mission all the more difficult. Darren was aware of this, but he was determined to get the 110-pound dog out of the swimming pool no matter what.

“I couldn’t just pull him out because he is too heavy,” he said. “I don’t have enough leverage in my chair because I’ll just go into the pool myself so I had to make another plan because he was getting tired from standing there.”

Rather than pulling him out, Darren found a way to guide him to the stairs, allowing him to finally exit. While it took some time, Darren’s method worked perfectly, making it a complete success. What a champion! Cassius, on the other hand, will be taking swimming lessons in the near future.

Watch the video: