Owners observe as their dog returns from the woods with a bear companion

During a vehicle journey, this excellent doggo needed to stand up and stretch his legs, so his owners pulled over and they all stepped out to take a rest.

They parked near a forested area on a backroad, and the dog went for a brief run into the woods. But they had no idea their dog would return with an unexpected companion…

Suddenly, a black bear emerges from the bushes, followed closely by the dog.

They look to be playing and having fun with one another, but as they turn around and run away, the owners get concerned about the bear running after the dog and try to scare it away.

In fright, they grab for the car door, but the bear simply retreats back into the woods. It appeared to be a cordial environment, but you can’t blame these individuals for being wary.

They now have some fantastic footage to look back on!