Owner records horses sleeping and farting in peace in the stable

We are all aware that animals are known for their wacky behaviors. We frequently come across videos that show dogs and cats engaging in all manner of strange but endearing behaviors. Nevertheless, it’s not simply prevalent among these two well-liked domesticated pets that are kept as pets.

These amusing behaviors can be seen in other kinds of animals as well. It’s possible that we haven’t seen many of these since we aren’t exposed to them nearly as much as others. However, when we get a glimpse into their inner derangement, we can’t help but laugh at them.


The reason that this video of horses sleeping went viral was not because of how the horses sleep, but rather because of the sounds that they make when they are sleeping. People went absolutely bonkers and shared a ridiculous number of puns and jokes in reference to these cute animals.


In the video, her horses could be heard making strange and amusing noises while they were sleeping. Some of them were snoring, which is something you would expect to hear from anyone who was sleeping. Others groaned and even farted while they were asleep. It was the farting sound that got everyone in the comment area giggling and joking around.