Owner chased the horse away but it was playing mischief

We simply can’t get enough of watching videos of beautiful foals all around the world. Just like baby humans, they are very attached to their mothers and need their care and attention throughout the whole time.

As long as they are near their mothers, they are very confident and don’t mind showing out their funny and playful side. One of the most adorable foals around is definitely the one shown in the video below, Nelson, who is just 2 months old but still loves to have fun and wants to enjoy every second of his day.

He probably has been inside in the stall in the first days of his life and that’s why now he is very active and has so much energy. As you can see in the video, the guy put his hand in front of Nelson’s face because he believed that the foal was is going to bite him, that’s why Nelson started to rear and lost control.

But at the end of the day, Nelson is just a little kid who loves to run, play around and have fun. His owners say that he is very naughty, but the truth is that foals are taught their manners very quickly and learn how to be respectful, as soon as the mares allow them to join the other members of the herd.

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