Owl visits 98-year-old grandma every week, a sign from her late husband?

A chatty owl pays a grandmother weekly visits, which her family believes is a sign from her late husband.

The owl comes to Ranna almost every day and spends hours sitting on her balcony. When she hoots at it, it tries to hop on her lap and “chats” back.

When granddaughter Shai Ward visited the home in Phoenix, Arizona, she saw the unique bond with the animal and strongly believed he represented something truly special.

The owl made her first appearance on Ranna’s balcony on February 24, this year, exactly two years after her beloved grandfather’s memorial service.

Bob, Ranna’s husband for nearly 70 years, died in February 2020—but the 98-year-old widow has yet to fully believe that her visitor is truly a sign from the afterlife.

Her granddaughter, on the other hand, claims that the rest of their close-knit family is certain that Bob is keeping an eye on his love.

“My grandparents were best friends, who deeply respected one another. You felt the love around them and from them,” says Shai.

“My grandmother is the sweetest soul. She is a devout Catholic and attributes all that her life has become to the higher power.”

“Her sass and wit show that 98 is just a number… and her and my grandpa’s relationship was such a sight to see that our whole family just treasured them as one.”

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