73-year-old man with ‘weak legs’ dives into cold water to rescue drowning baby

A toddler and his baby sister were caught in a life-threatening situation while a 73-year-old man was working near a pit of water.

As they approached the water, the 1-year-old fell inside, prompting the toddler to scream for help. The elderly man dashed over to them without a second thought. He knew it would be difficult to help them because he had weak legs, but that didn’t stop him from leaping into the water as soon as he realized the baby was drowning.

The water was too cold for them to get out of once the child was safe in his arms. Thankfully, some nearby residents were quick to assist them both in getting out of the 2 meter (nearly 7 ft.) deep water. Both the man and the baby received medical attention, but thanks to everyone’s assistance, they are both doing well!

Since the rescue video has received over 1 million views, the elderly man has been hailed as a hero all over the world. But if you ask him, he’ll just say: “I was the only person there. If I hadn’t gone to rescue her who would?”

Watch the elderly man’s heroic rescue below: