Officers mow Senior’s grass and discover the heartbreaking reason for his exhaustion

The 83-year-old was having difficulty mowing his grass, so the officers went to assist him. But they had no idea he’d be the one to inspire them.

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Everyone is entitled to be treated with respect. But it’s even more incredible to see someone who does so much for others be the recipient of a nice deed.

When two Anaheim police officers decided to pull over and assist an elderly guy with his yard work, they had no idea they were assisting an extra-special person.

On an 85-degree day, Lupe Robles was mowing his lawn.

While it is not excessively hot for Southern California, it is extremely scorching if you are 83 years old, as Robles is. But he was out there, sweating and working hard to keep his lawn healthy.

The cops were patrolling nearby, and when they saw Robles, they knew they couldn’t leave him alone to work so hard.

Anaheim police officers Alex Ungureanu and Lorenzo Uribe spotted him battling with his lawnmower as they drove through Robles Street. They stopped their police car and volunteered to take over mowing because they knew that working too hard in hot temperatures at his age could be hazardous to his health.

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“Part of our duties is to help our citizens. And I think, based on the call we were on, this was a priority.”

So the cops started to work immediately away.

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Officer Uribe walked to the lawnmower and began mowing the grass, while Officer Ungureanu began pruning trees and determining what else they could do to assist Robles.

Robles’ neighbors were so taken by the officer’s actions that they began filming them while they worked on his lawn. Robles, for one, was incredibly thankful. In actuality, Robles used Officer Uribe as a translator to describe what the actions meant to him:

I was very grateful. I was very happy. They are totally awesome. Good friends now. “
The senior was fatigued since he had spent his day conducting acts of kindness.
You truly reap what you sow. Robles had spent the entire day assisting his neighbors. He’d been in his neighbors’ yards since daybreak, mowing their lawns and watering their plants. He did it all for free and out of the goodness of his heart.

This turns out to be nothing out of the ordinary for him. Robles has been doing this for his neighbors for the past 13 years, as long as he has resided in the town. So it’s ideal that the cops stopped to assist him with his own yard and offered him a break on such a hot day.

Robles’ neighbors are filled with admiration for their kind neighbor.

While the officers’ benevolence astounded and moved the neighbors, they also admired Robles’ consistency and determination to assist others.

One neighbor expressed his admiration by recounting this story: “This man works from like 6 or 7 o’clock in the morning, til almost dusk. And I get tired just watching him sometimes, and I’m a lot younger than he is!”

Another neighbor added:

“I watch him come in here, and sometimes he’s here when it’s dark!”

Both the cops and Robles deserve credit for their efforts.

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Because of how hard he works, the police even commented that Robles has become their new role model. As these three men demonstrate, working hard to improve the lives of others is always worthwhile.

To discover more about this touching story, watch the video below!