Nine-year-old becomes viral after collapsing repeatedly on a slingshot ride

Various people are affected by rollercoasters in different ways. One young girl in particular simply couldn’t handle it. Look at this:

During a family vacation to the Gold Coast, Australia, Molly Barrett and her father AJ chose to ride the slingshot at a theme park.

Sadly, the nine-year-old child passed out as a result, so it didn’t end well at all.

Molly and AJ, 50, can be seen trembling as they firmly fasten their seatbelts in video captured during the voyage.

The father can then be heard stating, “Be careful what you wish for…the only way is up…we are never doing anything like this ever, ever again.”

The small girl begins to panic as soon as the ride starts, screaming in terror as they are launched into the air.

She briefly loses consciousness after that and then regains consciousness while still screaming.

Though it hasn’t yet ended. During the subsequent drop, Molly passes out once more out of the blue while AJ seems to be having a great time.

“Oh my God!” she exclaims as she turns around one again.

Speaking on the journey, AJ claimed that the decision to embark on the ride in the first place was made by his daughter.

The Dad said: “We were shot into the night sky at approximately 6G’s and we’re not able to see much, and trying to keep the horizon in your view is very difficult.”

“There were instant screams from Molly and then; blackout, awake, scream, blackout.”

“It was Molly’s idea to go on the ride. She saw it from our previous trip.”

“She could see it from our hotel window and it was the first thing she mentioned when we arrived was, ‘Where is the slingshot!!??’ as it had moved.”

AJ didn’t really have a choice, even if he is really not a huge lover of rides.

“Molly took a shine to all the rides on the Gold Coast Seaworld and Warner Bros and Movie World. “

“She went on any ride that allowed her with her height, most time roping her mum and sisters into going with her, and me, of course.”

“This was her idea. As soon as she knew she met the height restrictions, she would not let up.”

AJ said that after seeing the video at home, the entire family laughed out loud.

He recalled: “When we got off the ride we were able to watch the video. We all absolutely laughed our heads off.”