Newborn Baby Wins the Heart of the French Bulldogs

Griffin and Haru, two French Bulldogs, had no idea they could adore newborn Sienna to such an extent. But as soon as they both laid eyes on her, they fell in love.

Haru’s affection was already established before Sienna came. Up until the day her mother went into labor, she would lie on her mother’s abdomen and watch her, growing increasingly protective of her. As if she was aware that a baby was on the way!

And Haru simply beamed when she first met Sienna. Her family said they had never seen her so joyful and she couldn’t stop grinning.

Griffin couldn’t know what to do since he was so happy. He began to sing as a result.

The two dogs now spend the entire day by Sienna’s side. Although they occasionally take naps, the two alternate watching over Sienna. After all, watching kids is a demanding job.

On YouTube, Her family writes: “They have the sweetest dog baby relationship. Hope you enjoy today’s video, sorry if you tear up, this is the sweetest cutest dog baby video!”

From the way the two dogs act around Sienna, It’s obvious that the newborn girl has two guardians and fur siblings who will always look out for her. We must now ask your forgiveness since we need to get a tissue.