New York dog walker who regularly walks over 15 dogs in a pack takes incredible pictures of his clients


Any dog owner is aware that caring for a pet is more difficult than it first appears to be. Everyone is probably familiar with the agonizing sense of melancholy that you get when you have to leave for work and are met by the world’s saddest eyes.

It’s difficult to leave your dog at home all day, and it’s even more difficult to make yourself go outside in the evening when it’s bad outside. The Saratoga Dog Walkers dog walking service has emerged to relieve dog owners of such suffering.

Tim Pink, the business’s owner and key employee, shares adorable pictures of his walks on Instagram almost daily. Tim can walk up to 15 dogs at once.

Every day, dogs take a pack walk to get exercise, develop important social skills, and—most importantly—enjoy themselves. Animals form a sense of pack or community that is important to them. Handling 10 to 15 large, potentially aggressive dogs at once must be incredibly challenging.

But Tim appears to be prepared for everything. He manages them flawlessly. They behave perfectly, go for a walk together, and sit and wait for him to take another picture.

Since the program’s inception in 2011, it has gained popularity among locals, who are probably not shocked to see a man walking 15 dogs on a leash.

Tim helps the dogs when they have behavioural issues in addition to just walking them. Tim attended the Animal Behavior College and has a degree in both finance and marketing.

The program for walking dogs is based on dogs’ innate desire to live in packs. Modern domestic dogs, however, are unable to adhere to this when living in a home or an apartment.