Netizens’ hearts melted watching a video of a happy homeless man celebrating his dog’s birthday

Choco is a homeless person and has a sincere love for his dogs.

Choco lives in Colombia and recently a video showing him celebrating his dogs’ birthdays has warmed the hearts of netizens around the world.

In the video, Choco José Luis Matos can be seen caressing his pets. He then takes out a cake, sings Happy Birthday to his dog, and feeds the cake to his other beloved dog.

Rótelo, a journalist, captured the action on camera and posted it on Instagram. As you can see, Choco loves dogs like his own.

Watch the video:

Choco’s sweet gestures to his dogs touched many netizens, and they voluntarily sent him some gifts. On his Instagram, Choco said that the birthday party was to celebrate the birthday of one of his two dogs. He also revealed that he has a passion for music and wants to open an animal care facility.