Mother mare is seen bravely defending her newborn foal against group of wild stallions

Nature can be brutal, and this story exemplifies that.

In the wild, mothers have to constantly fend off predators to keep themselves and their offspring safe, but we rarely witness the struggles they face.

The natural instinct of mothers to protect their young is a remarkable sight to behold in the wild, where they constantly face threats and predators.

Arare video has emerged of a mother mare bravely fighting off a group of wild stallions to protect her newborn foal named Patriot in the mountains of Montana.

In the video, Patriot is still struggling to stand on his legs when a band of bachelor stallions approaches, attempting to claim the mare. But the mother horse knows her priority is to protect her foal, and she kicks and runs off every stallion that comes near.

The video shows the intensity of the struggle as even the bachelor stallions fight each other over the mare. It’s a fascinating example of the harsh reality of nature in action.

In addition, the mare is facing an overwhelming number of bachelor stallions.

Fortunately, a group of mares, foals, and stallions come to her aid and the bachelor stallions realize they are no match for the protective herd.