Mother horse and her daughter are reunited after 17 years apart

Talented horse trainer Jesse Drent is the owner of lovely horses. He adores and cherishes each and every one of his horses. The companion who shares his passion, Matt, frequently goes with Jesse.

Jesse has been curious about the horses’ prior lives ever since he adopted them. The best part was that he got what he wanted. He just learned that Andorra, one of his horses who has been with him for a while, had previously given birth to a foal.

Nathalie, a nice woman, now has Andorra’s foal. She and Jesse both love horses with a similar fervor. Nathalie had gotten in touch with Jesse because she wanted the mother and daughter to be reunited.

Ruby was the name Nathalie gave to the adorable foal. Nathalie and her young daughter rode into Jesse’s ranch in a horse-drawn van. The young girl resembled her mother in every way. Both Jesse and Matt were impressed by Ruby, the dark brown horse, who moreover appeared to be exceedingly youthful and lovely.

Both owners assumed that Andorra and her daughter Ruby had good genetics because they both appeared to be youthful and healthy. The two horses’ joyful disposition and beautiful skin were the results of the love and care their owners had lavished upon them.

After 17 years, the mother and daughter pair finally connected in Jesse’s enclosed horse enclosure. The horses were initially hesitant to approach one another. But Andorra was the one who made the first move to approach Ruby.

The horse owners engaged in a brief conversation and remarked on how gracefully the horses have aged. Even Nathalie’s young daughter rode Ruby and delighted in the experience. Andorra and Ruby afterwards traveled with their owners. The horses were finally brought to the stable where they relaxed in the stalls next to one other.