Most funny thing we saw today was a horse act that made us laugh

It might not be as hard as it sounds to teach your dog or cat to listen to you and do what you say. But when you’re training a horse to listen to your commands, things may get harder than you expect.


Tommie Turvey came from Equine Extremist. He was a well-known stuntman and a horseman all his life. Turvey used to train horses for live shows, movies, and some of his customers. Recently, Turvey played live at the 70th Annual Del Mar National Horse Show.

Turvey and his favorite horse Pokerjoe put on a show at the Del Mar National Horse Show. The audience loved the horse’s cute comedy acts, which made him famous enough to be made into a Breyer horse model.

When the names of Tommie Turvey and Pokerjoe were called out at the National Horse Show, Turvey sat on Pokerjoe and trotted into the arena.

Following his salute to the crowd, Pokerjoe yanked open the cinch on his saddle, causing Turvey to dismount from the horse. After noticing that he was in a bad mood, Pokerjoe began to give him kisses out of affection. After a while, Pokerjoe eventually sat down on the floor as part of the performance he was performing. It appeared that this took Turvey by surprise.


Turvey attempted make the horse stand in a number of different ways, but none of them were successful in getting the animal back on its feet. The crowd was reduced to fits of uncontrollable laughter as a result of the strategies that Turvey employed in order to make Pokerjoe stand up. There was a mixture of a variety of musical styles playing in the background. Because of this, the couple modified their performance to reflect the new circumstances.


Watch the full video below