More dead horses were found in Northern Arizona. The reward for arrest information is now $35,000

According to those who advocate for horses, the bodies of 25 horses discovered shot to death have been found in Northern Arizona.

ALPINE, Ariz. — After discovering ten more dead horses in the woods close to Alpine, Arizona, people who care about horses say the total number of animals that were found to have been shot to death has now reached 25.

Simone Netherlands, the leader of the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group, has been in charge of leading the endeavor to locate and identify the horse’s remains.

According to her, there are an additional 25 individuals that have been reported missing in addition to the 25 other ones whose deaths have been confirmed.

She sated: “We logged them as missing because we would see one horse dead out of that group.”

Netherlands has mentioned that she does not expect finding the lost horses alive, which would mean that fifty horses will be killed as a result of the shooting.

The debate over whether or not these horses are “wild” or feral has been going on for a long time. Horse advocates have documented 350 out of the about 400 horses in that area, and this is how they’ve known the 25 horses that went missing, according to Netherlands.

According to Netherlands, all of the horses were killed by being shot. A significant number of individuals have suffered gunshot wounds to the head, the body, or the neck.

The amount of money that can be won for providing information that results in a conviction has now been increased to $35,000.