Mom wants to place son with Down syndrome in foster care, but dad refuses and raises him alone

Every day, thousands of children are born around the world with circumstances that make them unique in some way. Obviously, all infants are beautiful, and none is less deserving of our love, care, and attention.

Sadly, not everyone accepts this reality. Astonishingly, some parents consider abandoning or disowning their children if they are not perfect in their eyes after birth.

Despite the fact that we are supposed to live in an age of comprehension and logic, many children with Down syndrome are nonetheless born into ambiguity due to the disease’s continued stigma.

A Russian father is working to eradicate all stigmas associated with Down syndrome while raising his son Misha, who has the disorder.

According to reports, 33-year-old Evgeny Anisimov is on a mission to teach the world that children with Down syndrome are as deserving of love and kindness as any other child. As a result of his wife’s inability to cope with her son’s illness, he is raising Misha on his own.

A doctor told Evgeny and his wife 1 minute and 39 seconds after the birth of their son, “I’m concerned that your child has Down syndrome.”

When the father discovered that his son had Down syndrome, he was at a loss for what to do. Because he believed his wife’s situation would be more difficult, he believed it was now his responsibility to control his emotions, stimulate his wife’s thought processes, and provide assistance.

They were promised the results of the analysis within a few days, and he chose to refrain from communicating with her until then.

After learning that his baby has Down syndrome, he recalled crying as he left the hospital, the man said. The tears that followed made him feel a little awkward. After all, nothing had really changed his life.

He still possessed two arms and two legs, but his professional abilities had been ineffective. He had everything with him, including his will, vigor, interest, etc. Just as he had planned, his child was born. However, the baby is special; his life and future are already very significant. He is currently enraged, too! Greed takes the form of this! Is this not unfair? No, he is solely to blame for that. Given the slim chance, it makes sense that you did not have an amniocentesis. You agreed to take care of the child because you wanted one. After all, there are a number of potential causes, including autism, cerebral palsy, and genetic anomalies. And Down Syndrome is not the worst, as he later found out.


The very same evening, Evgeny began his research on Down syndrome. He continued, saying he had discovered that people with Down syndrome can live and work independently in Europe and are well integrated into society. But it made no difference to the judgment he had already made.

The new parent simply could not see leaving his son as another option. Unfortunately, his wife disagreed with him.

He said that he had never thought about abandoning his son in an orphanage because it would be terrible. He later got a divorce from his wife, and now Evgeny is raising Misha by himself.

“When a child is born, he asks the outside world, ‘Am I required here or not?’” he explained. And Evgeny responded confidently, ‘Son, you are needed!’ Being alone with him is typical behavior for a normal man. He highlights that he is a normal man, not a hero.

Evgeny wants to increase awareness of Down syndrome so that no future parent will feel that having a child with the condition is a punishment or an impassable obstacle.

He stated that he desired for all writings about Mishka and himself to spread and inculcate that idea within society. By setting a good example, he hopes to inspire and motivate those who are or will be in similar situations to him. He makes an effort to get in touch with those who are close by and writes to those who are far away. He hopes that people who are going through problems will read about them. Be not afraid! The situation will be fine!