Mischievous large horse demonstrates to handler that when he says “no,” he means it

At times, horses can exhibit behavior that may be bothersome or exasperating for their owners. Despite being generally affable and obedient, they may occasionally decline to carry out even the simplest tasks requested of them. As sociable animals, horses are inclined to interact and work together, which is crucial for survival in their natural habitat where the dynamics of the herd can determine their chances of survival. However, these natural instincts may not always translate seamlessly to domestic settings.

The prevalence of “naughty” horses in a species that is inherently social and cooperative may seem paradoxical. As horse owners and professionals, we often encounter what we perceive as undesirable behavior. However, the fundamental factor to consider is trust. Establishing a genuine relationship based on trust with a horse can make everything appear more manageable.

Let’s take the example of Kim, the magnificent Dutch Draft Horse, who steadfastly refuses to advance when directed by his owner. The owner asserts that Kim is being obstinate and unyielding, insisting that she must apply pressure until he relents.

Kim’s owner uploaded a video of the incident on YouTube, which, despite its brevity, is highly entertaining to watch. Consequently, even though it was published almost six years ago, it has amassed over two million views and is frequently watched and shared by people worldwide. We can assume that this is primarily due to the immense size of the horse, coupled with its remarkable coat color, mane, and tail.

In reality, Dutch Draft horses are renowned for their large stature, impressive strength, and sturdy build. However, what makes them particularly desirable is not their size or power, but their calm demeanor and measured gait. They are placid creatures that are obedient, undemanding, and modest. Nonetheless, when the need arises, Dutch Draft horses can act quickly and exhibit lively movements, as seen in Kim’s case, despite being typically described as a docile horse. Check out the video below for more, share your thoughts on it, and don’t forget to share it with your loved ones to brighten up their day.