Mischievous Foal Gets Into Trouble After Being Led Outside by Owner

Observing videos of beautiful foals from around the world is always a delightful experience. Much like human babies, they rely heavily on their mothers and require their nurturing and affection throughout their lifetime.

Foals are adorable creatures that love to show their playful and carefree side, especially when they are close to their mothers. Nelson, a two-month-old foal featured in the video below, is one of the cutest foals you’ll ever see. He’s full of energy and enjoys every moment of his day.

Nelson, being such an active and lively foal, likely spent his initial days in the restroom. In the video, the man holding him places his hand in front of Nelson’s face, expecting him to bite, which causes the foal to rear up and lose his balance.

Despite his initial reaction, Nelson is just a playful and energetic little foal. While his owners may call him naughty, it’s important to remember that young horses are still learning proper behavior and manners, which they pick up from their mothers and the rest of the herd.

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