Miniature therapy horse becomes the newest member of the Ocala Police Department

The newest member of the Ocala Police Department in Florida stands only two feet tall and has four legs.

According to an Ocala police Facebook post, Magic the miniature horse is now a “honorary police officer” in the department.

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According to the Facebook post, Magic is the first mini horse to join the Ocala Police Department. She makes up for her lack of law enforcement experience with specialized emotional support training.

According to the police department, the tiny officer is a member of the equine therapy nonprofit Gentle Carousel. Every year, Gentle Carousel’s trained mini horses visit thousands of hospital patients, hospice patients, veterans, and first responders who have experienced trauma.

Magic will take part in some of the police department’s outreach programs, such as the youth literacy program and the ice cream truck run by the cops.

“Magic will help spread goodwill and build relationships between the police department and the community we serve,” Chief Mike Balken said in the Facebook post.

“With her friendly personality and adorable appearance, Magic is sure to be a hit with everyone she meets.”