Meet Jenny, the horse who takes a daily stroll alone through Frankfurt

Locals in Frankfurt, Germany, see a horse named Jenny walking the streets by herself on a daily basis. Jenny is not lost. The beloved Arabian mare is simply retracing the steps her owner once took her on. Anna Weischedel, Jenny’s owner, had grown too old to ride her, so Jenny has been leaving her stable and walking through town by herself for over a decade now, stopping traffic and greeting locals as she goes.

Jenny has a piece of paper attached to her halter that says, “My name is Jenny.” This is to ensure that no one is concerned about a lonely horse walking through a bustling city. I’m not fleeing; I’m just walking. Thank you very much.”

The note hasn’t always deterred people from calling the cops out of concern for the horse, but officers are well aware of Jenny and assure callers that there’s no need to worry.

Anna stated in an article published by TRT World last year that Jenny has brought much-needed joy to people’s lives throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

“People seem to notice her more now that they have more time,” Anna explained. “Many passers-by stroked her, possibly because they were missing some human contact.”

Jenny’s daily walk ends around 4:00 p.m., when Anna’s 80-year-old husband, Werner, hops on his e-scooter and rides through the city to find her. When he does, he simply informs her that it is time for her to return home.

“And then she slowly heads back,” says Werner, a retired flower shop owner.