Meet Buddy, the well-known miniature pony that strolls the city on a lead

Customers who are relaxing with a beer or a happy meal frequently look twice when they see Jim Capes walking with his much-loved animal companion in the neighborhood.

This is due to the fact that the brown and white animal that the retired police officer is seen walking in Hellesdon is not a big dog.

In point of fact, that is Buddy, our small Shetland pony.

The two are frequently observed walking aimlessly along Boundary Road as they make their way past McDonald’s and The Whiffler pub.

Because of this, the miniature pony has developed a considerable fan base.

Jim and his wife Claire have been taking care of Buddy ever since they purchased him from a bunch of vacationers a decade ago.

Jim shared: “He’s 11 years old and we’ve had him for 10 of those years.”

Jim said that when he and his wife met Buddy, it was like lightning in love and they decided to buy Buddy.

Because of his short legs and thick mane, Buddy has developed into something of a regional celebrity throughout the past years.

Jim said that he would take him for a walk each and every day without fail. They would go out regardless of whether it is Christmas Day or the first day of the New Year because they do not care.

Jim shared: “He’s more well known than me.”

 “If I take him anywhere there’s only one thing I say.”

“As long as there’s a carrot or some grass for Buddy, he’ll be a happy boy.”