Man turns oak tree trunk into life-like horse in captivating timelapse

There are some things you simply must see to believe. That includes witnessing anything come to life, like a “Horse in Oak.” This piece of art by Simon O’Rouke exhibits a high level of craftsmanship.

O’Rourke is able to picture ‘Dexter’ even though he’s just given the trunks of two huge oak trees to work with. The only things he needs to bring Dexter to life are a crude sketch and a chainsaw.

O’Rouke carves out the fundamental outline of the horse by carefully slicing through the two trunks. He is able to hold the two primary sections of the horse together by using a few straps as support for them.


Dexter starts to take on a more three-dimensional appearance as he carefully carve out details on his face and body.

O’Rouke gives the horse a pose that depicts him in the midst of galloping. Because of this particular feature, the horse appears to be even more realistic, assuming the position that one would expect of a wild horse.

By applying various coloring and weathering processes on the horse, O’Rouke gives Dexter the authentic appearance of a wild horse living in its natural environment. From afar, this wooden sculpture so closely resembles a real horse that it might be readily confused.