Man skips wedding to rescue dog on camera

There are numerous animal rescue videos on the internet. These videos serve as a reminder that some people must make sacrifices in order to restore faith in humanity.

The video of a man foregoing a wedding ceremony to save a dog is a perfect match for the one mentioned above.

The video was initially shared on Reddit, and some users speculated that the incident occurred near the Lim River, which runs through Montenegro.

A dog can be seen looking up at the concrete base near the overflowing stream in the three-minute video. Within seconds, a man dressed in a formal two-piece suit approaches the riverbank to begin his rescue mission.

As the water continues to flow rapidly beneath the dog, the man removes his two-piece coat and tries to reach the struggling canine. Another man enters the frame and joins the man in rescuing the dog.

He assists the man by pulling him from behind and successfully saving the dog. As the video nears its conclusion, the man embraces another woman who has rushed to the scene. The dog was spotted following the man who had rescued him. Giving the incident a happy ending.