What a catch! Quick-thinking man saves life of dog falling from building

Because of this man’s lightning-fast reaction, his beloved dog appears to have no idea she was ever in any danger.

John Alexander Palomino Bendives couldn’t have been happier to return to his Peruvian apartment after a two-week stint working in a field. There, his four dogs awaited his return with bated breath — though it appears that Mina was the most excited.

While John and his girlfriend talked outside their apartment, their dogs watched from their four-story rooftop apartment. Mina’s excitement got the best of her as they peered over the edge to watch their parents. The tiny dog leapt and began to fall quickly toward the street, either out of impatience or from losing her balance.


In the blink of an eye, John noticed and dashed toward Mina, arms wide open, ready to catch her… and he did! Even though this was a heartbreaking moment for him and his girlfriend, Mina appeared unfazed.

“She was OK, unharmed,” John said. “Mina was happy and grateful, as you can see in the video. She didn’t stop wagging her tail out of happiness.”

To avoid another near-disaster, John says they’re thinking about putting up a mesh barrier so their pups can enjoy the rooftop without fear of falling.

Here’s that dramatic moment on video: