Man saves his money for 10 years to purchase an ambulance to assist sick stray dogs

A man from Palu, India, saved his money for over ten years in order to purchase a van to help homeless and stray cats and dogs in his community.

Balu, the man who uses the van as an animal ambulance, offers his services to NGOs, animal rescues, and pet owners to assist them in transporting cats and dogs to animal shelters and vet hospitals, and he even takes them to his home if he can’t find a place for them.

He stated that if he cannot find a home for six stray dogs with broken paws and legs, he keeps them at his home. He also mentioned that he wasn’t sure how things would turn out when he first started because he was afraid of dogs.

Balu has learned how to administer medication to animals and even dress their wounds to the point where animal shelters and veterinarians entrust him with many animals. According to one of the rescuers who works with Balu, his ability to touch and catch stray dogs enables him to do a good job.

To support his wife and himself, he charges NGOs and pet owners 15 cents per mile driven to the veterinarian. Many people appreciate what he does, but many others dislike his work because he rescues homeless dogs, whom they consider pests. But he insists on doing his job in order to save as many animals as possible. View the video below.