Man is brought to tears during memorable visit from a compassionate horse

Joo Spake, the father of Audrie Spake, has been bedridden for some months due to a multitude of health problems. Joo just had a visitor to help repair his heart as well while his physicians have been doing everything they can to help his body heal.

A therapy horse named Paçoca works with volunteers from the nonprofit organization Coletivo Incluso, whose goal is to reach out to people with special needs. What a distinction that can make.

Spake posted a moving video earlier this week capturing the moment Paçoca visited her father. Paçoca quietly sat against Joo’s chest in a modest interchange of comfort and affection, sensing, it would seem, the kind of communication Joo needed the most. Her father was really moved to tears.

Source: instagram

Spake posted: “He was like that with my father the whole time. It was beautiful!”