Man, 51, miraculously survives 5 days on an abandoned island by eating two lemons and charcoal

Nelson Nedy, 51, was stranded after being dragged out to sea after falling from a rock on a Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, beach.

Last Monday, the gardener was climbing at Grumari beach when a massive wave knocked him into the water.

A strong current carried him nearly two miles out to sea, where he washed up on the deserted Palmas Island.

He told Brazilian news outlet G1: “There was nothing there. Nothing to hide in, nothing to take shelter in.

“I had to make a decision to jump in and hunt for another spot.”

Nelson discovered a cave to spend the night in before exploring the island the next day.

He was relieved to discover a makeshift tent and two lemons that had been abandoned by local fishermen.

“I ate them with the skin and everything so I wouldn’t miss anything.” said Nelson.

Desperate, he attempted to attract the attention of people on the mainland coastline by using a blanket left in the tent.

But they were unable to spot him so far away, and he attempted to swim back to Grumani beach when he realized he had no other choice.

He added: “I reached halfway but the tide pulling me into the sea.”

“There was a time when I dropped the body and kept saying, whatever God wants now, he can take me.”

Nelson attempted to escape a second time using a piece of Styrofoam and plywood, but the current was too strong.

Afflicted with hunger and thirst, he drank sea water and even tried eating charcoal after observing monkeys consume it.

He stated, “But it dried out my mouth even more and got stuck in the tooth.”

But on Saturday, Nelson’s luck changed when he spotted a group of jet skiers near the island.

He tore off his T-shirt and began waving it at the pair, who then called the police.

He was airlifted by helicopter to a base in Guaratiba, then transferred to the Lourenco Jorge Hospital in Barra da Tijuca by ambulance.

Before he was saved, the gardener resorted to eating charcoal he discovered near his tent.

He recalled seeing monkeys steal coal for food, which led him to believe he could eat charcoal, but it made his already parched mouth even drier and got stuck between his teeth.

Nelson said he was also reduced to drinking ‘pure salt water’ as he grew even more desperate, adding: “There were times when I saved up, I drank a little of the sweat to hide the salt in the water just to wet my mouth.”

Nelson was then airlifted from the island, before being taken to the hospital.

He was discharged the same day.