Lucky Rider Saved From Falling By Her Horse’s Quick Thinking

Horseback riding can be an exhilarating experience, offering a sense of freedom and connection with nature. Galloping through picturesque landscapes with your horse can make you forget about life’s challenges and negative feelings, providing a divine moment where it seems like the world has come to a standstill.

Despite the frequency of horse riding, the feeling of freedom and escape it provides remains unchanged. Even for those who ride on a daily basis, the experience never gets old. However, due to the current global pandemic caused by the highly contagious coronavirus, many riders are facing difficulties as it’s best to stay home and prioritize safety rather than going out for rides.

Believe me, after a long break, going for a horse ride will feel even better. Unfortunately, our rides are not always perfect. They can be marred by various problems such as dealing with dangerous vehicles or difficult terrain. The video below shows a rider and her horse going for a ride, but it doesn’t go as smoothly as she had hoped.

The rider in the video experienced a close call after jumping over a bush during their ride. Fortunately, her quick-thinking horse came to her rescue and prevented her from falling by using its head to support her. This is a testament to the strong bond and trust between the rider and her horse. Take a look at the video below and share your thoughts on this remarkable moment.