Lovely video: Sweet Dog Wants Her Toy Pet Mouse To Join Her For Dinner

Canine lovers’ hearts are warmed by a lovely dog that dislikes eating by himself. The little puppy is seen eating from her bowl in the brief YouTube footage. She pauses eating and carefully lifts her plush animal mouse so it may join her in the meal.

Her family, who reside in Las Palmas, Spain, captured the heartwarming scene on camera and shared it on social media with the caption: “Knowing that my dog always takes her mouse with her when she goes to eat, I thought of recording her.”

Commenting on how kind and adorable the dog is, viewers couldn’t help themselves.

One person commented: “Oh my goodness this was the cutest thing. How adorable is she putting her mouse up against her food bowl to eat with her.”

Another viewer commented: “She is just darling sharing her meal with her little mouse.”

According to Another person, the dog could be acting more selfishly.  “I’d say she just doesn’t want anyone else to touch her toy while she eats! My goofy dog puts his ball in his food bowl while he eats from it,” that person wrote.

Source: youtube

However, considering how precisely and delicately the tiny dog places the toy, the majority of viewers believe she is actually attempting to share. One spectator joked, “A pet dog having a pet of her own.”

Source: youtube

Some individuals advised the family to obtain a second dog as the tiny dog could be lonely and enjoy the companionship of another dog. Or perhaps a mouse?