Lovely older horse enjoys spending time with a sweet little donkey

Since she was a little child, Allison Smith, often known as Ally, had been riding horses. In Charlottesville, Virginia, the animal enthusiast established “Colby’s crew rescue,” a farm dedicated to horse rescue.


Big John, one of the horses in the sanctuary, lived the best life. The horse had a comfy life. Ally had been instructed to provide the vet with a beer for breakfast and dinner. He had buddies that cherished time spent with him and his own personal massage gun.

A little donkey named Cotton would accompany him everywhere. Even though they were complete opposites of one another, seeing them together was incredibly funny. Big John could like a female horse’s company, Ally reasoned.


Although they tried many different horses, the senior horse was finicky. As a result, they were prepared for Stardust to become a long-term resident of their refuge when she arrived at their property.

Stardust brightened up as Ally led him down to Big John’s field. Big John rarely interacts with other horses, so the horse mom was perplexed by his response.


In order to determine whether the two horses could develop a friendship, Ally allowed them to settle in for a few days. Both horses became inseparable very quickly. Sometimes, while they were in the field, Big John would have his head slung over Stardust’s back. They were unique in their own ways, though. For instance, while Stardust does not like beer, Big John enjoyed to drink it.

They were a sweet older couple who genuinely cared for one another. The fact that they could give these lovely horses a home to spend the remainder of their lives in made Ally pleased.