Lonely cat in shelter waves to everyone who passes by for months

What actions would you take to attract attention?

Typically, we would shout someone’s name to grab their attention or gently tap or nudge them. However, animals are unable to do so on their own, and thus employ alternative methods to express their desires.

They may meow or bark endlessly, waiting for their human to interpret their message. Some animals even imitate human actions, such as tapping your hand to indicate a desire for affection. Yet, some can be even more elaborate, like waving at individuals!

And that’s how this feline became an internet sensation.

Vali, as she was affectionately known, was a senior feline at 10 years old. She had to be surrendered when her primary caregivers, one of whom had passed away and the other who fell ill, were unable to continue taking care of her. They brought Vali to the shelter for a new home.

According to the Community Cat Club, Vali has been waving at all who walk by her since her arrival at the shelter. However, it appeared that no one had taken notice of her friendly gestures. The club expressed a desire for someone to take notice of Vali, as she is a truly affectionate and lovable cat.

Vali has spent a considerable amount of time residing in a foster home.

Her foster family reported that Vali was a well-behaved cat who would frequently follow them wherever they went. She was fond of being petted and would tap your hand to signal a desire for more affection. They praised her ability to love anyone, regardless of age, and her compatibility with other animals.

Despite these wonderful traits, Vali’s foster family acknowledged that there were very few inquiries about her adoption. They believed it would be a shame if no one was able to experience the love and affection this adorable fluff ball had to offer.

The shelter decided to give Vali a moment in the spotlight.

They shared a video of Vali energetically waving from within her kennel, eager to greet anyone who walked by. Her actions clearly showed her desire for human interaction and connection with visitors.

The video that was posted by the Community Cat Club on behalf of Vali had a significant impact. The video quickly went viral, being shared and viewed numerous times. As a result, the shelter received nearly 30 adoption applications for Vali.

In the end, Vali finally found her forever home.

Vali’s new owner came across the video and was moved by the feline’s persistent waving, which demonstrated her strong desire to find a new home. This determined gesture was all the new owner needed to see to know that Vali was eager to share all her love with someone.

The new owner arranged a meeting with Vali right away and knew that the cat was the perfect match for her. Vali was overjoyed to finally have a human to snuggle with. The shelter was thrilled with the outcome and how the video had helped Vali find her new home.

If you are interested in helping and adopting other pets, consider visiting the Community Cat Club. They have both dogs and cats available for adoption who would love to find their forever homes. You can also support their cause by making a donation, as even a small amount can make a big difference for the animals in their care.