Little toddler adores spending time atop her white pony going horse riding

Growing up in a home where your parents love animals has its advantages. Whereas some children must beg their parents for a pet, a few parents have already set up a zoo at home for their children.

Zemyna was a lucky toddler raised on a horse farm. Her parents had recently purchased Silver (19-year-old), a beautiful white pony, to accompany her. As a result, the little girl was very responsible.

Silver had been entrusted to Zemyna, a 17-month-old girl, by her parents. Every morning, she assisted her pony in escaping from the enclosure. She’d open the door and then get ready to groom Silver.

Zemyna made certain Silver was well-groomed. Then she’d brush the pony’s entire body with her tiny little hands. This was one of the most time-consuming tasks for a toddler. This, however, aided in the formation of a bond with the pet.

This would help the horse and the young girl learn to trust each other and develop chemistry. Zemyna would later walk up the makeshift stairs to mount the pony and strap Silver into the saddle. The two would then go on a ride.

After a long ride, the two took a break. After the long journey, Zemyna and Silver ate some snacks. Silver was grazing on the green plants next to the road while the little girl was eating oranges.

After eating, the two went for another ride. First, the happy little girl had a fantastic pony ride. She was later discovered hugging her pony and beaming brightly at her parents.