‘That was Her baby’: Abandoned lamb finds unexpected new mom in family dog

“Family isn’t always blood” does not only apply to humans!

Beau was rejected by her mother when she was born. Fortunately, a dog named Max was more than willing to take her place. The farmer and caretaker of these creatures, Olivia Jane Akers, says that when Max first met the lonely lamb, “it was love at first sight… that was HER baby.”

Max was always by Beau’s side as she grew up. She’d bathe her, keep her safe, and most importantly, give her the love she deserved and needed. For a long time, the two were inseparable until Beau was old enough to join the other sheep.

Even though this adorable couple isn’t together all the time like they used to be, they’re still a big part of each other’s lives! Olivia makes sure they see and play with each other every day, something she says they’ll be able to do for the rest of their lives.