Kind neighbor lowers water bucket for dog in heatwave on the balcony

During France’s summer heatwave, a dog was left on the balcony with only a umbrella. The sweet upstairs neighbor watered the dog via a bucket and rope to the dog on the lower balcony.

The video is viral on Youtube channel of Viral Hog. Many people posted their comments:

  • “People who mistreat their pets are despicable beings.”
  • “Call animal control !!! They will send officer out to correct the situation. Up to and including a fine or seizure of the abused animal. Most cites have laws saying animals have to have shelter, shade food and waters.”
  • “Did he get any of the water? It didn’t look like he did.”
  • “He didn’t get any of that water!!!”
  • “Why don’t you lower the bucket and leave it so he can take what he needs then pull it up after a while.”