Kangaroo thankfully provides a handshake after three men save it from freezing lake

We enjoy seeing people helping animals. It’s a thankless job because animals rarely express gratitude for a good deed.

However, some animals have a sweet way of saying “thank you” to their rescuers, such as one kangaroo offering the men who saved him a handshake. According to the Daily Mail Australia, a man named David Boyd saw a kangaroo in Canberra’s Lake Burley Griffin.

According to reports, the water was freezing and the animal was unable to escape. However, two brave bystanders braved the icy waters to assist the kangaroo.

The men approach slowly so as not to startle the kangaroo. When they get close enough to grab its arms and lead it to safety, the kangaroo begins flailing its arms. Undaunted, the men seize the animal and lead it out of the water. A third man assists in lifting the kangaroo onto dry land and keeping the terrified and shivering animal calm. Kangaroos, despite their gentle appearance, can be dangerous if they feel threatened. Their defenses include a boxer-like punch, sharp claws, and a kick that experts say can disembowel a man.

Fortunately, this kangaroo seemed to understand that these men were there to help — and, in a touching moment, even extended his paw as if to shake hands. “Aw, he’s thanking you,” says the man filming the rescue. The kangaroo was in “shock,” according to the Daily Mail Australia, and needed a half-hour to calm down.

However, onlookers said the kangaroo eventually hopped along on its way, seemingly unharmed by the ordeal, according to the Courier Mail. Watch the touching video below.