Just before the woman’s car falls into a sinkhole, local heroes rescue her

In a split second, life may change.

Ask the woman from El Paso, Texas, who was driving regularly when, without her knowing it, her car started to collapse into a sinkhole, trapping her within.


Thank goodness, there are always good Samaritans ready to intervene and assist those in need like this woman. In fact, our everyday heroes—also referred to as first responders—are constantly prepared to save us.

The El Paso Fire Department’s public relations officer recorded a video of the incident, which illustrates how close the whole thing came to disaster. It demonstrates how the white automobile progressively submerges into the water while a number of unrelated strangers and firemen cooperate to free the woman from the vehicle.

You’ve heard it before: “When humans unite, we are stronger!” And when they were eventually able to remove the woman from her automobile, that strength became apparent just a few seconds before the sinkhole totally engulfed her automobile.

Authorities said that because of these heroes, the woman was able to escape the incident safely with only minor injuries.

Watch the video: