Jovial dog enjoys a ride on his most cherished equine companion

The farm dog Robin adored going for rides on his best friend Teddy the horse. Instead of getting off of her, he would stay on top of her and refuse to get off. Emily, the mother of the two sweet and naive furry critters, had never encountered a canine who so sincerely enjoyed going for rides on horses.


Robin would make this request of Emily on a daily basis in order to visit Teddy. He couldn’t wait to see his pal and would sprint over to her. It did not make a difference whether it was cold or hot; the adorable canine had to meet his equine best friend.

He would run out of the stable and bound over to Teddy’s gate, where the gorgeous mare would be standing while she awaited the arrival of her canine companion. Both of them have a wonderful connection with one another that is beyond description.


When Robin realized it was time for him to ride his horse, he would flip and bounce with excitement. The adorable puppy would leap on top of Teddy as soon as Emily placed one of her knees on the horse. It would bring him great joy to go horseback riding on his companion horse.

Emily noticed recently that they were running out of carrots. So, the smart owner decided to find out what was happening. She set up her phone and left the room, but when she came back, Robin, Teddy, and one of her other dogs had stolen carrots. Emily loved seeing how they changed and grew together. She knew that the three of them were having the best time of their lives.