James Doran-magnificent Webb’s driftwood horse sculptures are a sight to behold

The stunning driftwood horse sculptures created by sculptor James Doran-Webb wonderfully express the unbridled passion and independence that wild horses represent to us.

All of the stunning pieces are made solely out of reclaimed driftwood and are built by hand. The seemingly flowing forms of the driftwood, which were sculpted by the waves, lend themselves nicely to the features of the galloping horses.

According to the artist, Bored Panda: “The driftwood is very tactile and demands to be interacted with.” 

However, it is not an easy process to work with driftwood and ensure that each piece suits the overall sculpture. According to Doran-Webb, it took from 1,000 to 3,000 hours to produce a life-size sculpture while working in collaboration with a team of craftsmen. The amount of time required varied based on the complexity of the armature and the anatomy.

The majestic horses evoke strong feelings of both power and passion. When people see the three galloping thoroughbreds, the author hopes that they would unconsciously think of freedom, energy, and space, and that they will even have a desire to go to a park on a hot summer day.

On the other hand, he disclosed to us that the artwork was intended to raise awareness about environmental issues. “If I could make one person a little more aware of nature and the impact of nature on their lives I would be happy. I am a firm believer in our need to practice sustainable living in order to give future generations a better chance of survival.