Hurry up, dog! Passenger on a train snaps funny interaction with a peckish dog that unsuccessfully attempts to steal their prawn cocktail crisps

A sequence of four photographs depicts the pet’s anguish as it tries to get to the crisps but is prevented by the tight distance between the train seats.

The photographs have already gone viral, with many people expressing sympathy for the starving dog…

A dog owner recorded all of the feelings of a hungry dog that was refused its favorite snack on a train ride.

Four photographs that have gone popular on social media wonderfully express the irritation of spotting a snack – in this case, a package of prawn cocktail-flavored crisps – before realizing it’s not yours to take.

A lovely golden retriever is seen peering through the space between two seats at the person behind in photographs provided by @hugoandursula on Instagram and re-shared by Walkers crisps ambassador Gary Lineker.

The golden retriever looks longingly at the owner of the packet of Walkers crisps.

The dog stuffs its snout through the space in the chairs, sights fully fixed on the prize.

The excited dog charges forward in the following shot, cramming its snout through the space in pursuit of the food on the tray behind it.

In the third frame, the retriever unleashes its tongue, plainly demonstrating its determination to get the treat being only a few inches away from capturing it.

So near, yet so far: The disappointed dog, only inches away from its desired delicacy, lolls out its tongue in an attempt to reach them.

The hungry dog bares its teeth at the rail rider who refuses to give up their crackers.

Finally, when the passenger refuses to give up the potato chips, the dog displays a set of gnarly fangs, prompting memes equating the appearance to Jack Nicholson’s iconic face through the door scene in the legendary 1980 horror film The Shining.

Many dog lovers reacted to the photo collage, with many clearly invested in the result.

@awpchristie bolded their tweet and added, ‘I NEED TO KNOW THE ENDING,’ while @Elektrickery asked, ‘Did it have a good ending?’ Obviously for the dog.’

Many people, including @ChasingtheMind, agreed that the retriever earned the reward, writing, ‘Give. Him. All. The. Crisps.’