How does the Raptor engine of SpaceX operate? Elon Musk reveals

Deep into SpaceX territory is explored in the video.

Six days ago, SpaceX posted images to Twitter showcasing the nearly complete installation of the 39 upgraded Raptor engines needed to launch its fully reusable Starship rocket into orbit.

The engines are designed and developed to be installed on a Super Heavy booster called Booster 7 and a new Starship prototype called Ship 24. They will launch simultaneously into orbit this summer if subsequent testing are successful.

A recent video by YouTuber Everyday Astronaut, which was released on Saturday, shows SpaceX CEO and Chief Engineer Elon Musk describing how the Raptor engines function. This is an exciting time for the aircraft maker.

The video takes us well into SpaceX territory, which is arguably the best way to show how the powerful engines work and how they were built. Musk also posted a news-grabbing video demonstrating the Raptor engine’s steering in December 2021.

Will the new video be as well-liked as Musk’s? What was the formula used to create these special engines? What distinguishes them from other space engines and what makes them the best choice for space travel? All of these and other queries are addressed in this video.