Horses congregate at the fence to see a newborn foal with unique and significant markings

The natural world is magnificent. She never makes a mistake and exclusively produces works of art, such as this exquisite foal.

The Down Under Color ranch in Melbourne, Florida has been owned by Jackie and Scott Nelson for many years.

Their stunning American Paint Horses are well-known.

With their horses, they have years of experience, which includes giving birth and breeding.

It would be reasonable to expect that there won’t be many surprises when a filly is born.

But when they saw this filly arrive in the world, they were in for a tremendous surprise.


Poka, the horse, became a mother for the first time to a filly who will be known as Coconut.

Coconut is an extremely uncommon breed of horse that is also known as a Medicine Hat.

Within the indigenous culture of the United States, the horse known as a Medicine Hat Horse holds a special place of honor.

It was common knowledge that these horses possessed mystical powers and brought good fortune to those who owned them.

It was believed that they could sense when danger was about to strike and shield the rider from it while they were engaged in combat.

Within the tribe, riding a Medicine Hat Horse was a privilege reserved only for the Chief or the Medicine Man.


What characteristics set a Medicine Hat Horse apart from other horses?

The head and ears of a Medicine Hat Horse are covered in colourful patches, despite the fact that the rest of the horse is totally white.

If they have a colored patch on their chest, like Coconut has, this is their shield.

Coconut also possesses a trait that makes him an even rarer Medicine Hat Horse: he has one blue eye and a black line around it. This is one of the factors that makes Medicine Hat Horses so unique.


The single blue eye is commonly referred to as the “Sky Eye.”

According to Down Under Colour, “This eye in Indian Mythology is called a Sky Eye. If the Chief or Medicine Man dies in battle then this one blue sky eye will carry their spirits to their Gods.”


When Jackie and Scott Nelson first laid eyes on Coconut, it had to be a spectacular sight to witness.

She was a Medicine Hat Horse first and foremost, but in addition to that, she had other marks that made her even more unique.

This filly is truly special and unique absolutely stunning.

It should not come as a surprise that they were eager to display Coconut even when he was only two days old.


Coconut and Poka was recorded by Jackie and Scott Nelson on their very first outing one day following the birth.

Coconut is still getting acclimated to the instability of her legs, but she adores spending time in the great outdoors with her mother.

Even the other horses on the property make the trip to see Coconut and Poka.

The horses had formed a line next to the fence so that they can get the best possible view of Coconut.

These horses are excited to see who has moved into the neighborhood recently.


To see the stunning Medicine Hat horse for yourself, click the video below!