Horse that was almost blind and was infatuated with the shiny bald head of a man

Mert is an active member of the animal rescue community in Istanbul, Turkey, where he also operates a farm. His property is home to a variety of rehabilitated animals, including canines, some birds, like ducks, and even a horse. Mert has a soft spot in his heart for rescuing any animal that is in jeopardy or has been abandoned by its prior owners.

Mert has just recently brought in a baby horse that is approximately two and a half months old from another farm in the area. The mom of the baby horse had been sold, but the youngster had been kept. The foal’s name was given by Mert: Reyhan.

Reyhan only had 20% vision in the other eye and was blind in one. Mert had to fetch another mother horse’s milk from a separate farm for the poor baby horse because Reyhan was so young when he brought her in.

On Mert’s property, there were way too many rescued dogs. Reyhan began acting like a dog herself as she grew older as a result. Every time she wanted something, she would lick Mert’s bald head repeatedly. The relationship between the horse and owner was distinctive and unique.

Reyhan enjoyed running around with the other dogs and adored her new life at the farm. She was nearly blind, but nevertheless managed to do this. Never did Mert ride her back. He would go with her instead. Unexpectedly, she knew Mert’s every move even though he didn’t inform her.


The farm at Met’s is crammed to the gills with different rescued animals. He wants to bring in more animals, but there isn’t enough room for him to safely house them.

During the time that she spent at Mert’s farm, Reyhan made fast friends with a white horse and a donkey that lived on a farm that was located nearby. Both of them were Reyhan’s closest companions in life. The way in which Reyhan was able to read Mert’s mind never ceased to astound him.