Horse stuck in sinkhole is rescued by firefighters

Sinkholes pose a significant risk to both humans and animals, as even a horse as large as they are can fall into one and become helplessly trapped, sometimes with fatal consequences.

But the rescue team’s hard work paid off, as the horse was successfully rescued and is now safe.

It was reported by West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service (WYFRS) that Prince, a 27-year-old horse, was freed from his stable at Calder Farm Equestrian and was enjoying a leisurely stroll through the field.

However, it wasn’t long before a stable hand realized that Prince was missing. Upon investigation, they found that the horse had fallen into a sinkhole.

The West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service was summoned to the scene, and they carefully approached the situation to avoid any injury to Prince.

“We’ve had similar incidents in the past where cows have got stuck in sink holes and we do have the option of putting slings around them and lifting them out,” said technical rescue officer and station manager Damian Cameron. “However, we felt this could be dangerous for Prince and so we opted to dig him out instead.”

Once Prince was sedated, the team started the process of freeing him from the sinkhole. The rescue effort involved securing the horse with a head collar, covering his eyes, and stuffing his ears with cotton wool to keep him calm. According to Cameron, this was done to ensure that Prince remained unharmed during the rescue operation.

A local business named Chappelow Sports Turf provided an excavator to help with the rescue efforts, and they created a sloping pathway for the horse to climb out of the sinkhole.

“By that point his legs were a bit numb and he still had a bit of climbing to do, but he managed to get out fairly quickly – the whole rescue took less than an hour,” Cameron said.

“Prince was checked and thankfully recovered from his ordeal with no injuries – we were thrilled to be able to reunite Prince with his owner.”

According to the West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service, sinkholes can be caused by factors such as running water or old mines. However, for Prince’s owners and for Prince himself, this was a first-time experience.

“Because of his age we just ride him once a week, he is so calm and has never got in trouble before. We couldn’t believe it when he got stuck in the sink hole, it was in the middle of a field he goes into every day and there have never been any problems.”

Thankfully, the quick response of the fire & rescue service prevented a disaster.

Hats off to the fire and rescue team for their bravery and swift action in saving Prince! We are overjoyed to see this magnificent horse safe and sound.