Horse approaches the door and hangs out in the living room with the family

Pet owners typically have strict rules regarding what they let their furry friends do. While some people let their pets lie in their beds, others utilize crates. Some people feed their pets at the dinner table, while others give them special meals at set times.

This particular family has decided to break all of the rules today and let their full-sized horse into their home. Almost instantaneously after they opened the door, Jessie, the horse, strolled straight on in.

It would appear that Jessie desired to go to the locations where her human companions spent their time. The horse spent some time in the living room, where he observed the television and socialized with the other animals. Katie, who owns the horse Jessie, is overjoyed to share her home with such a beautiful animal.

Jessie examines everything in the room, almost as if she were a puppy exploring a new area, while an episode of Friends is playing on the television. Katie gives a carrot to Jessie by tossing it on the couch and allowing Jessie to pick it up and eat it from there.

The woman who is shooting this encounter is quite worried that Jessie will grow comfortable enough on her carpet in the living room to the point that she will need to use the restroom there. She implores Katie to find a way to coax Jessie back into the outside world.

Katie is attempting to lead Jessie outside, but once she gets behind him, the horse immediately turns around to follow her. Finally, Katie comes to the conclusion that Jessie will want additional encouragement before she will leave the living room.

She removes additional carrots from the refrigerator. At long last, Katie is able to coax Jessie toward the exit. After taking a few cautious steps outside, Jessie is back in his natural environment. It’s possible that he’ll pay them another visit the following day.