Horse, Aged 40 Years, Pulled From Septic Tank and Rescued

It had been a long night for the firefighters in Florida when they received a report about an elderly horse that was in a dangerous predicament. The horse named Buddy Bear was 40 years old when he accidentally wandered over an open septic tank. He just put one foot over the tank before falling headfirst into the deep abyss below. It was late, and the frightened horse was completely submerged in raw sewage.

Facebook/Marion County Fire Rescue

After realizing Buddy Bear could not possibly escape the septic tank on his own, the alarmed caller dialed 911, which was answered by Marion County Fire Rescue. Firefighters arrived on the site in just six minutes and got to work immediately attempting to assist. The HAZMAT Heavy Rescue and Technical Rescue teams from MCFR Special Operations were requested because the firefighters had no means of knowing how deep the septic tank actually was.

Buddy Bear was rapidly losing energy and strength since 75% of his body was buried in sewage. His fear made it more difficult for him to maintain his composure. Fortunately, one of the responding firefighters has a background working with horses. He took charge of the circumstance and devised a workable strategy to swiftly and safely remove Buddy Bear from the tank.

The firefighters made the decision to use a hose to create a temporary sling that could carry the weight of the horse. To control the frightened horse, they constructed a homemade box cinch, and they added a length of hose to help Buddy Bear’s weakening back end.

Facebook/Marion County Fire Rescue

The firefighters then assisted Buddy Bear in moving to a position where they could lift him out of the sewage with the aid of their improvised sling. The firefighters had to use the combined power of seven guys to get Buddy Bear back to safety.

After the challenging part was finished, a veterinarian was requested to the scene to examine the worn-out senior horse. Buddy Bear did not sustain any serious injuries, according to fire officials, but he will require plenty of rest and relaxation.