Heartbroken goose searches the cemetery for the love she has lost

Blossom was devastated when Bud died.

Even geese require a second half.

Two geese roamed the grounds of an Iowa cemetery to comfort its bereaved visitors.

A therapy animal can do wonders for the bereaved.

Having said that, I never expected to see geese in that role.

Who says dogs are the only ones who can do that?

But these geese have a unique story to tell.

Blossom and Bud were the geese, and they did an excellent job until Bud died.

Blossom and Bud were as much of a loving couple as the other couples buried here.

Blossom was now a solitary goose without her mate by her side.
Blossom initially appeared to be a tough goose. Staff at the memorial park noticed her seemingly coping well with his death months later.

However, wounds never truly heal.

Blossom might have been fine for a while, but living without your loving partner will catch up with you sooner or later.
And it just so happened that geese mating season was that year. Blossom resumed her instinctive search for her mate, but to no avail.

Blossom was desperately looking for another goose to fill the void in her heart, but there were none nearby. I never expected to see a tragic love story involving two geese, but here we are.

It was too sad for the Riverside Cemetery staff to bear, so they assisted Blossom.

There is no such thing as a Tinder app for geese. Even if there were, I imagine it would be difficult to swipe right with feathery fingers. Instead, the folks at Riverside Cemetery created a sort of personal ad for Blossom on social media.

“Lonely, widowed domestic goose seeks companionship and the occasional shenanigans.” Part of the Facebook post was read.

As in many rom-coms, someone responded to Blossom’s request for love.

A nearby family had a similarly lonely male goose.
Frankie was his name, and Deb Hoyt described him as “lonely handsome.”

Frankie, the goose, had also lost his companion. So two geese each looking for their missing second half sounds like the beginning of a great story, doesn’t it?

So a meeting was called.

It just so happened that the date was Valentine’s Day. Isn’t that the definition of serendipity?

Frankie’s family was saddened that the loving guard goose had gone to live somewhere else, but they only wanted the best for him.

Who are they to stop him if he’s happy with his new life?

They hoped the two geese would get along, and they did.

So, when can we expect a film adaptation of this story? I’d tune in.

Blossom and Frankie spent the entire day together and never left each other’s side. That looks like love to me!

Maybe they’ll have a flock of goslings to surprise us the next time we see them. Best wishes to this adorable couple!