Groomer Starts Blow-Drying Husky’s Massive Fur, and Mayhem Follows

The coat of a Siberian Husky is typically shed twice a year. This frequently results in a lot of fluff for the owners to clear up. Many Husky owners hire professional groomers to clean their dog’s hair in a sanitary manner.

Tagga, a 6-year-old Husky, is getting his normal blow-dry from his groomer in this video. Tagga gets a full fur-blowing treatment at the groomer once every three months. But he was shedding a lot of hair on this specific appointment!

Mike Vanderheyden, the groomer, begins blowing air through Tagga’s fur. The groomer, 44, works steadily through Tagga’s fur, but the room quickly fills with a fog of Tagga’s hair. Mike’s efforts to keep on course are impeded by “poor visibility,” which looks to generate a “fur storm” as he battles to finish his assignment.

Tagga’s fur filled the shop vacuum and a similar-sized pail, according to employee Sarah Dersek, who captured this footage. It was sufficient to fill a large rubbish bag. Tagga had shed a substantial portion of his previous fur at the end of the grooming process. He ended up looking more appealing than ever! Mike deserves credit for putting in a lot of effort to groom Tagga!