Girls do amazing gymnastics routines on moving horses at equestrian competitions

In this beautiful video, Team Lütisburg competes in an international equestrian event. This gymnastic equestrian routine has been seen by millions of people. The difficult moves and quickness are sure to impress.


At the start of the video, a group of women in pink and black leotards walk into a circle with a beautiful white horse. They enter the arena performing choreographed dance maneuvers to a version of the iconic Survivor song “Eye of the Tiger.”

The first girl climbs the steed while performing a series of flips and rolls. After that, another member of the group joins her, and the three of them perform coordinated moves while leaning on each other for balance.


One girl jumps off the horse’s back. Then, three girls posing in a triangle shape reminiscent of football cheerleaders. The girls carry on their well-rehearsed dance as the horse keeps trotting in a circle at a steady pace.

Three further girls board the horse in a new group. The initial performs a handstand. She then help the other as she hoists a female directly into the air above her head.


Let’s watch the spectacular performance of the talented girls