Funny story: A breathing teddy bear and the amazing truth behind it

When Manchester, England police visited a residence in the Rochdale district in pursuit of an 18-year-old wanted auto thief, they were met by an odd scene. A large teddy bear in the background appeared to be “breathing.” Joshua Dobson, their suspect, was discovered inside the bear by the police.

The Greater Manchester Police said on Facebook, “Our neighborhood task force and divisional tasking team in #Rochdale could barely bearlieve what they stumbled across in search for a wanted man last month.”

“When we went to arrest [Dobson], our officers noticed a large bear breathing in the address before finding Dobson hidden inside!”

Police have been looking for Dobson since May, according to the Daily Mail. The 18-year-old allegedly then stole a Mitsubishi SUV valued at over $10,000 USD, filled it up with petrol without paying, and then took off quickly.

Police looked for the boy at his girlfriend’s house in Rochdale in July after he went on the run. Police reportedly took a “double take” when they observed a five-foot stuffed bear breathing over in a corner at that location, according to the Daily Mail, and discovered Joshua Dobson hidden inside.

This case has been satisfactorily, albeit bizarrely, resolved for the police.

The Greater Manchester Police posted on Facebook that Dobson “is now stuffed behind bars after being sentenced last week for theft of a motor vehicle, driving while disqualified, and making off from a petrol station without payment.”

“Hopefully he has a bearable time inside,” they added.

Dobson was also accused of stealing the Mitsubishi, operating a vehicle without a valid license or insurance, and stealing petrol from a gas station without paying, according to The Manchester Evening News.

Earlier in March, Dobson stole a Vauxhall Astra vehicle, a toolbox, and two pills, and caused criminal damage. He was also jailed for those offenses.

The 18-year-old was ordered to serve nine months at a facility for juvenile offenders, the BBC reports. If Dobson gets access to the Internet there, he could discover that he has been made fun of online.

When the Greater Manchester Police posted about Dobson’s attempted escape attempt on Facebook, fans reacted with joy. One user said, “What a grizzly end.” “I bet the officers couldn’t bearlieve it when they found him,” another joked. Additionally, several reported they had to verify the date because they believed the cops were playing an April Fools’ prank on them.